Basic Fugue Buddy

Basic Fugue Buddy echos whatever you play, transposed and delayed. Use it to help you write classical fugues. You know you’ve been itching to write classical fugues. Actually there’s a lot more going on in a fugue than what you get here. Maybe I should call this “Strict Canon Buddy.”

Basic Fugue Buddy is my original Fugue Buddy patch grafted on top of C & G’s Basic Poly patch. This allows you to record your sequences in the standard Organelle way, by holding down the Aux key to bring up menu options.

Knob 1 sets transposition interval (Maj 2nd, Perfect 5th, Unison, Perfect 4th, Flat 7th)

Knob 2 sets octave

Knob 3 sets number of beats of delay

Knob 4 sets tempo

Momentarily pressing the Aux key gives you a click and a flashing LED.

Warning: changing settings (turning knobs) while playing keys or while a sequence is playing will result in hanging notes. My humble apologies for this bug. Someone smarter than me could figure out how to fix this problem.

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