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Based on shreeswifty’s BASHFEST for Organelle, which has it’s basis on Eric Lyon’s awesome lyonpotpourri collection of objects:

A really cool click-driven drum machine/sequencer with random effects. I took shree’s patch and basically expanded on it , including putting it in the 4-page OS 2.0 style.

IMPORTANT: This does not come with samples due to size constraints. See below for instructions

AUX changes patterns (random for each part)
notes 60 – 79 change effects
note 80 switches the effects on/off
81 is a random effect thingy
82 is a ‘flat’ effect setting, equal chances for all effects
83 selects a random kit (kick/snare/hh)

if you use SAVE, it will keep all your settings including your kit, except for the patterns which are still random

Page 1
-kick volume
-snare volume
-hh volume

Page 2
-Filter Frequency
-Filter Resonance
-Delay/Reverb amount (post BASH effects)
-Delay panning

Page 3
-Delay Time *this is tied to the BPM so you can get beat-synced effects on the repeats. If you go past 50% on the knob, you get a free-range time choice
-Delay Feedback
-Delay Filter Frequency
-Delay Filter Mix/Intensity

Page 4
-Compressor Threshold
-Compressor Gain
-Compressor Attack/Release
-BASH play or pause

compressor taken from:

Tutorial: A compressor in Pure Data

-There are around 4000 variations of drum patterns you can get…keep hitting AUX to find some good ones
-You can edit the drum patterns in the mask~ objects
-The compressor has a lot of gain, use caution
-There is still some noise/pops/buzzes in the output sometimes. Certain samples/effects/ and high BPM seem to cause it but i have not been able to totally fix.
-Try some non-drum samples in there to mix it up

You need at least 120 of each type so the randomizer won’t come up empty. Put them in the sound folder.
kick: K100 – K220.wav
snare: S100- S220
hi hat: H100 – H220

Revision: .5
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6 comments on “BASHFEST Bastard
  1. Blavatsky on said:

    I realized that some people may not have easy access to 300+ drum samples and want to try it, here is a link to random samples from free packs and forums, drum machines. These are as far as I know public domain/stuff you can go download for free, not off any commercial sample packs or CDs – no infringement/ownership implied.

  2. jooga1972 on said:

    OK, I’m kinda speechless… this patch is ACE! It simply is. I’m just about to start recording tracks for a brand new project…think glitchy/abstract/experimental hiphop…. I call it ‘criticaltronica’.. anyways, earlier today I was sculpting beats with the original Bashfest patch when the Bastard appeared…I guess it’s safe to say that for this new project this rework of the already amazing original will see plenty of use. I love the multi-page menu, the comp and everything. Great job, thanks for sharing! Me happy! :)))

  3. mans o on said:

    This is amazing!!! thank you!

  4. Blavatsky on said:

    glad you guys are enjoying it, shreeswifty gave me some much needed advice to fix some sound issues, and I think the compressor really brought it together with the other effects for some punch…now I need a few different versions w/ different samples in each hehe

  5. Tristan Heau on said:

    Awesome update ! Can’t wait to plug it today !

  6. Bort Bort on said:

    Hi Blavatsky, so the sounds need to be named following the form K100-220, S100-220 etc. How might I rename large numbers of samples to follow this form quickly?

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