Barberpole phaser V1.2

Another interesting effect. Not a perfect incarnation here but certainly good enough to demo the effect and an example of how to do it inside Drambo.

V1.2: I have now officially tamed the bass!

V1.1 with quite a number of improvements:
– Much less audible clicks in the effect
– Rate control
– Each center frequency can now be manually adjusted to fine-tune and better fit the input signal
– Much more user friendly, compact rack UI
– A few internal optimizations

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  • Category: Effect
  • Revision: 1.2
  • License: Academic Free License v3.0
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  • Modified: 2 months ago
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2 comments on “Barberpole phaser V1.2
  • wetfood on said:

    hip hip hooray! thanks bud!

  • holler on said:

    This patch is ✨magic. Love it. Great fun to run my Korg Monotron Duo through it. Gives it some new life. Thanks!

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