~ 4 momentary ‘mod’ buttons offset all faders and knobs, available on every channel, giving a total of 64 extra CCs per channel! to use: hold ‘cycle’ and hold ch2-5 buttons at the same time.
~ corrected remapped note layout to start at 48 bottom left and count up from there
~ the ‘marker’ left and right arrow will offset notes by Bank (16 notes) so you can shift up and down to bank A, B, C & D in Koala (or other destination/melodic instrument)
~ Indication of current bank is above knobs, going down from Bank A will reach sequences using my koala mapping. The number in brackets indicates the first note on the bottom left R button.
~ While holding the toggle setup button (cycle), pressing the TOGGLE_SWITCH button (‘sets’ right arrow, 3 buttons to the right of ‘cycle’) will flip all toggle states currently shown (for quickly turning all toggles to momentary, useful for note states etc., respects global strip state)
~ GLOBAL setting now affects the entire strip, including its SMR buttons.
Please note, when remap mode is enabled (sending notes instead of CC) global state of the strip is ignored for the buttons and notes are sent on the currently selected midi channel.
Also note, ON/OFF status of the NOTE/CC for each channel is shared, so switching in and out of remap mode doesnt recall the actual note/cc state, but pressing the button in whatever state it is will send the ‘next state’. Trying to figure out a better solution and open to ideas!

~ GLOBAL channel is now 15 (Block 16 from AUM midi control to avoid midi learn clashes)
~ Match light is only sent once, if its in the wrong state
~ Midi select buttons send a CC on global channel for use with other purposes (CH1 = CC111, CH2 = CC112 etc.)

1.3 :
~ Value match is indicated on the surface using a light (cycle button on NK2) – thanks to Owen Rasmussen for the feature request/idea!

1.2 :
~ momentary buttons didnt work correctly in 1.1
~ pressing the ‘set’ button remaps SMR buttons from CC 11 to 34 to NOTE 48 to 71 for easier use with other scripts and plugins that default to 48 as first note (Koala Sampler, Skaka etc) Beware of stuck notes!


Created for NanoKontrol2, it should work with other controllers.
This is a banking script for midi controllers, giving you 15 banks (Combos of CC 0 to 4), plus a global bank (stays on controller when you shift banks). Easy Switch Control (CC 9)
Also gives you toggle/momentary control and light feedback for all buttons on all channels with state saving between channels. Easy Switch control (CC 5)

Watch the video on my youtube channel for full info, and make sure to grab my NK2 mapping script from for easy setup

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