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Download the patch. If, after listening to it for six hours, you can remember the three words in the title, you are in good shape. If, while doing so, VCV Rack overheats your computer, perhaps not.

In a prior post, I shared a “shifted sequences” effect. In this patch, instead of using time delays to produce the effect, I use the “polyphonic” capabilities of VCV modules and the random offset feature of the sequencer to produce a similar effect.

Play with the Bernoulli gate probabilities to change the timing density of the various voices; play with the attenuators to expand or contract the pitch ranges of the voices; play with the button switches to add or subtract the various voices; and play with the quantizers to move beyond the pentatonic.

If you found this patch interesting or if you have questions about how it works, please share a comment below.

Thank you.

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