Bamboo flute

This patch recreates a bamboo flute and sounds alot like a Shakuhachi (Japanese flute).

Knob 1 let’s you transpose the patch down a octave, so if you’re using the Organelle keyboard this should come in handy

Knob 2 let’s you chose between modulation sources for the “breath pressure” (adds harmonics and more breath): You can chose between the modwheel or have an envelope modulate “breath pressure”

MIDI-Keyboard controls (if available):
-Aftertouch modulates the breath.
-Mod-wheel simulates blow pressure (turn up the mod-wheel and you get more breath and additional harmonics)
– Pitchbend does 1/2 step bend

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6 comments on “Bamboo flute
  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    HI! Very nice sound!
    Is it posible there are no controls?

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    If it’s supposed to be this simple I like it even more

  • Antonio Gonzalez on said:

    Polyphoni it’s mandatory! hhhhh! Don’t you agree?

  • callmesam on said:

    Hi Antonio,

    This project is work in progress so there may be additional controls for the knobs (there’s a flute technique I still like to implement, but not sure if it’s possible). Polyphony? No, that’s not going to happen… Frankly I don’t really see the point of making this patch polyphonic. You see the cool thing about a bamboo flute is its expressiveness and my goal is to let you control all those different parameters. To play and control pressure, breath modulation, vibrato and pitch bend you need both hands and honestly I think a choir of bamboo flutes would not sound very good. But if you want polyphonic flutes there’s a Mellotron patch for Organelle that let’s you do that.

  • Limper on said:

    This is a great patch, thank you!!! I really appreciate the expressive options; I wish my CSReface had a mod wheel >_>

  • callmesam on said:

    Dear Limper, thanks for your feedback :) As I haven’t used up any knobs (yet) on this patch I could easily assign a knob to “blow pressure”. In general it would be good idea to make a version of this patch which is geared towards people who use the Organelle itself as a keyboard (I do tend to forget that the Organelle has it’s own keyboard).

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