Backup n Swarm – A Recordable Step Sequencer and Simple Synth with Fuzz on Audio In

This patch was made on the Zebu. You will have to add your own UI buttons and Audio In and Audio Out buttons on Zoia – if you want to change them? Truthfully, I am not sure how that all works when transferring from Zebu to Zoia pedal.

This idea started out as a recordable step sequencer. Once I completed that part of it and had it putting out sound, I added some fm synthesis to the oscillator and it had a real buzzy sound to it. Thus the “Swarm” part of the name. “Backup” comes from the step sequencer providing some backup to accompany your playing.

Sound and Use Demo – go to 19:07, mm:ss

Thanks to Christopher HM Jacques for pointing out his Sample and Hold tutorials. The use of Sample and Hold modules as a shift register greatly simplified my attempt at a workaround. My first attempt is seen in this video:
Empress Zoia / Euroburo Recordable Step Sequencer

A short(?) description of the patch:
Page 0: pitch memory
Page 1: seq on n off
Page 2: osc fltr vca en
Page 3: fx n audio mix

Page 0: pitch memory
Audio In – gate – Pitch detector // Onset detector – sample and hold shift regiter (8 bits, so 8 modules)
Onset detector – cv multiplier
Zebu built-in UI button (for Zoia, add your own – functions to turn on and off the pitch detection for the s & h) – cv flip flop – cv multiplier
cv multiplier – sample and hold triggers (all 8)

Page 1: seq on n off
sample and hold outputs (Page 0) – 8 step step sequencer (8th s & h output to step 1, 7th s & h output to step 7, etc.) – Page 2: osc
square wave lfo – cv multiplier – 8 step step sequencer gate in
Zebu 2nd built-in UI button – cv flip flop – cv multiplier (same cv multiplier as above – use of the 2nd UI button functions as a step sequencer run/stop)
cv multiplier – 5 step step sequencer gate in, seq cv out – 2nd osc – Page 2 osc fm input

Page 2: osc fltr vca en
osc – multi-fitter – vca – Page 3 audio mixer
Page 1 cv multiplier – adsr1 – multi-filter q
Page 1 cv multiplier – adsr2 – vca level

Page 3: fx n audio mix
Zebu built-in audio in Left – efuzzy fuzz fx – tone control (single freq) – audio mixer
Page 2 vca – audio mixer – Zebu built-in audio out Right (Left is used for other things at times)

Look to the video for more in depth explanations of how things work, what the settings are and that type of thing. Feel free to ask questions. I will do my best to respond.

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