Aviary – Generative Multi-track Sequencer

Aviary is a generative multi-track sequencer designed to play multiple tracks or instruments. It can be used standalone or within an AU host like AUM on iOS. It does not generate any sound on its own.

Just load as a Midi FX in AUM and point it at any AU synths (or even external hardware) using Midi Channels 1-4 for melodic parts. Use Channel 10 for sequencing drums. For more tracks or polyphony, add additional Midi Output modules.

If using standalone, just disconnect the cables from the BPM and Run inputs. These are normally used to sync the transport and clock to the host.

Using as a Midi AU is recommended and it’s more fun!

:: Notes / Hints ::

++ Grid Seq generates notes which are sent into ASR (analog shift register) which distributes those notes to different midi channels. Add Another ASR for more notes or more Midi tracks.
++ Analog to Digital generates Note On/Off messages or Gates
++ A Clock Divider is generating drum rhythms
++ Use Impromptu Clocked knobs to vary musical rhythms.
++ Divide clock signals or add randomization to signals using the included modules such as sequential switches, comparators, flip-flops and more.
++ Also includes LFOs for further modulation.
++ Break the provided signal chains for your own explorations.

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2 comments on “Aviary – Generative Multi-track Sequencer
  • szczyp on said:

    Thank you, very interesting melody/rythm.
    I would like to understand how it is working,
    This patch inspired me.

  • beat on said:

    Thx for the patch. Sounds fun with a Animoog, Odissei and an iM1 in AUM. Cheers

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