AUv3 MidSide Audio Effects Pack

This Effects Pack contains 10 miRack spatialization presets which apply FX to the side component of the input signal to be loaded as AUv3 effect.

The 3 different Spatializer presets either take a mono or stereo input signal and enhance them with artificial side components generated from the mid component.

The 7 Side-Only presets need a true stereo input signals (otherwise you hear no difference) they only modify the side component of the input signal while the mid component is unchanged.


Download the zip to your device and uncompress it inside the OnMyDevice/miRack folder using the FIles App – this creates a “AUv3 MidSide Audio FX Pack” folder containing the presets. Delete the zip after uncompression.

To save own variants of the presets either use the AUv3 Hosts preset system or miRacks Duplicate feature and save to a new name in a new path.

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