AUv3 Audio Effects Pack

This Effects Pack contains 60 miRack presets with various modules to be loaded as AUv3 FX.

Download the zip to your device and uncompress it inside the OnMyDevice/miRack folder using the FIles App – this creates a “AUv3 Audio FX Pack” folder containing the presets. Delete the zip after uncompression.

The pack contains Bitcrushers, Chorus, lots of Delays, some Filter, Formant, Granular and Phaser FX, a Resonator preset, many Reverbs, several Shapers, TapeStop FX and Tremolo.
The preset name consists of the effects category and moulde pack name, sometimes there are several FX per pack or different configurations.

To save own variants of the presets either use the AUv3 Hosts preset system or miRacks Duplicate feature and save to a new name in a new path.

3 comments on “AUv3 Audio Effects Pack
  • -ki on said:

    – The NYSTHI Distort modules currently seem to be broken, at least on on my device.
    – I included workarounds for problems i found with some modules (Stairsways, STEREO and ClockedDelay).

    The bugs were reported to the miRack dev, and probably will be fixed in future updates.

  • GeeBee on said:

    Thank you !! Its a great package of effects. What I do not manage to do ( and I don’t even know if it is possible), is to add two or more of your effects as modules (or packs ) one next to the other. So far what I have to do is open mutliple instances of MiRack and load each effect separately……Is there any way of placing several on the same instance of MiRack? Thank you

  • -ki on said:

    Hello GeeBee, i had the multi instance variant in mind.

    miRack doesn‘t offer to append patches, or to multi-select and copy between instances – therefore the only way i know is to add the needed modules by hand and copy the connection cables. To easier find the modules when adding, use miRacks new search field in the + dialog ;-)

    For each of modules settings it is possible to do ‚preset/copy preset‘ in the original miRack instance and then ‚preset/paste preset‘ on the destination module in the other miRack instance.

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