AU Hasard MIDI Note Randomizer

AU HASARD (French for “Random”) is inspired by the Random Ableton Live MIDI effect. Unlike the Live plugin, notes can be quantized to fit into a scale. To avoid confusion with this feature the “Scale” parameter from the Live plugin is called “Range” in Au Hasard.

Check out the terrific “Random!” Mozaic script by Bryan Appel here on patchstorage for a far more fully featured version of this same concept.


AU HASARD Randomizer v1.0 – Add randomness to MIDI notes

CHANCE: Probability of alternate note playing
CHOICES: Number of alternate notes possible
RANGE: (Called “Scale” in Ableton) The number of semitones between note choices.
MODE: Random or fixed note order
SIGN: Direction of pitch change Up, Down, or Both

Randomized notes can be quantized to a key and scale. The help overview can be accessed by tapping the SHIFT key.

(Inspired by the RANDOM Ableton Live MIDI effect.)

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