Astral Torpor

Torpor is only minutes away, but may last for years. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with deep space repairs… Torpor is much less stressful than waking hours… what will I dream?

*1.1 update 8/4/22- I was getting some resonant peaks so I went through and rebalanced many of the connections.

Ok this is the patch I envisioned I would make when I received the Zoia. It takes your guitar input and sends the info to a left and right signal path resulting in a semi generative synth background.

It is a pitch detector into an oscillator that is being controlled through sample and hold/quantizer/adsr/VCA/LFOs.
mono in stereo out
Page 2 and 3 are left and right sent back into page 1 into a ghost verb/vibrato(also stereo spread on the front end)
Lower left button on page one turns the oscillators on or off.
Left footswitch is tap tempo for the LFOs assigned to the oscillator paths. 8th note taps=busier synth 1/4 note taps or longer result in a sparse synth background
You have two basic ways to play in your Torpor,
Em= dark and introspective dreams
Gmaj=bright and inspirational dreams
You can certainly get in and change the keys of the quantizers but I think these should keep you covered
Stereo, WDW, or mono should all work but WDW is best..
I think that covers it, the demo I put in the link is stereo dry, only micro loop on MOOD and looper, everything else you hear is Zoia.

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