Arpeggio CoolWave

A modified version of Critter and Guitari’s Arpeggio Synthesizer that uses a wavetable approach.
Also instead of the basic tone knob, it is using the moog~ filter, with a touch of reverb.

The 6 voices each get a random waveform (899 in total) giving a new sound each time you play. Lots of different tones ranging from 80s digital sounding to more ethereal, vocal formant stuff.

Big, huge credit to this site for the waveforms:
They are public domain but please consider giving this guy a few bucks in paypal if you enjoy this patch.

Knob 1: Speed/BPM
Knob 2: Pattern
Knob 3: Tone (Filter)
Knob 4: Decay

-If you turn knob 1 all the way to the left, it reloads new random waveforms and assign a random amount of resonance to the filter.
-Replace the waveforms with your own, I picked these at random as there are 4000 in the set.
-The reverb can easily be tweaked inside the patch if you don’t like it
Other credits:
-moog~ from Critter and Guittari
-Verb slightly modified version of

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  • Matteo Bianchini on said:

    Don’t know why but I can’t get any sound out of this patch…I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong…

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