Three independent arpeggiators harness the power of probability and subtractive synthesis!

Each arp has the following settings: Pattern, Beat Division, Octave Transposition, and Probability. The Probability control is helpful to add unpredictability to the arpeggiation. Set Attack & Decay time, synth tone, and tempo on the ‘Global’ controls page.

This is a multipage patch – each knob will have different roles depending on page.

Knob1: Depends on Page
Knob2: Depends on Page
Knob3: Depends on Page
Knob4: Depends on Page
Aux: Latch
Foot Switch: Latch

Link enabled for tempo syncing with other devices on a shared wireless network.

To save your settings, use the ‘Save’ or ‘Save New’ command in Storage menu.

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