Select one of nine synth voices and then dial up settings on two independent arpeggiators. Add unpredictability (interesting-ness?) with note probability control! The arpeggiators feed notes into a multi-synth. Let the ocean of arpeggiated notes lap onto your beach and/or capsize your boat!

Page 1: Global – Set arpeggiated note length, reverb, and tempo.

Page 2: Synth – Knob1 sets the synth voice. The synth voice will determine what the other three knobs control. The ‘Transposition’ control doesn’t make sound, but does transpose your pressed/latched notes!

Pages 3 & 4 – Arpeggiator settings. Each arp has the following settings: Pattern, Beat Division, Octave Transposition, and Probability. The Probability control is helpful as it adds unpredictability to the arpeggiation. 100% probability means that a note will sound every selected beat division. Probability settings below 100% will mean that a note may not play on a given beat.

Aux button & Foot Switch: Latch

Link enabled for tempo syncing with other devices on a shared wireless network.

To save your settings, use the ‘Save’ or ‘Save New’ command in Storage menu.

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