Aquarius 4

Rev 2: Finally figured out the aliasing-issue and fixed it… Included an option to initialize the patch… Better presets and overall sound quality…

This is 4 a voice polyphonic synthesizer with all the basic functions, but with a very simple (and reduced) user interface to fit the Organelle 4 knob UI. Thereby allowing you to shape many parameters, while still making it easy for you to access them. Additionally I have included “factory” presets for you to choose from, which you can access with the encoder.

Important: You need OS 2.1 (or newer) installed to work this patch. To get back to root menu, just select BACK TO ROOT MENU option (it is the last option, when to turn the encoder to the right).

2 Osc with 3 waveshapes each: Saw, Square & Triangle
AMP Envelope Generator
Filter Envelope Generator
Stereo panning of voices
3 Chorus, 2 Phaser and a tape(-ish) delay effects…


You get two UI pages. Press and hold down AUX to access the second page. There are 6 AMP EG to choose from (Knob 2) and 6 Filter EG (Knob3). If you don’t want EG you can select first options (Knobs fully to the left), then you’ll get a Gated AMP and no FilterEG. (The Filter-EG is pretty strong, so even when the filter is fully turned down it will let through a decent amout of the signal.)
By turning the encoder you access the presets. On screen-line 1 you’ll the different presets, push the encoder to select on (if selected the preset name will be highlighted) To go back to the root menu, turn knob until you reach the BACK TO ROOT MENU and select it by pushing the encoder.

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  • superfantome on said:

    Hi, this patch is awesome, thanks!
    Is there a way, on the Organelle, to record settings and found them back the next time we ll open the patch?
    Thanks again

  • Jeff Galfond on said:

    This patch is amazing! It is so comprehensive! Thanks!!

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