ApolloTone AT220

ApolloTone AT220
Wavetable synthesizer, an improved version of the original ApolloTone patch.
New features:
– New oscillator architecture to prevent aliasing noise on higher notes (when a wavetable is loaded, several band-limited versions are generated and used for the upper octaves)
– 16 more wavetables (now 80 total)
– Envelope generator has more natural parabolic slopes instead of linear
– New modulation type: chorus
– New wavetable won’t be loaded until selection is stable for 100ms

Each knob selects between a preset setting for each ‘section’.
Knob 1: Sampled Waveform
Knob 2: Amplitude / Filter Envelopes
Knob 3: Modulation settings
Knob 4: Delay/Reverb settings
Aux – Octave switch
Features waveforms from the Prophet VS, as well as the Adventure Kid collection:
Freeverb~ is used in the effects section.
Presets for each section are defined in text files and users can edit or add their own settings (max 128 presets per file).
The formats are:
sample/sample.txt : names of waveforms in samples folder
env.txt: envelope settings
preset_name attack decay sustain release filter_off filter_cuttoff filter_resonance
mod.txt : modulation settings
preset_name frequency vibrato_depth tremolo_depth chorus_frequency chorus_depth chorus_mix
effect.txt: delay/reverb settings
preset_name reverb_mix delay_feedback delay_length

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  • Category: Sound Synthesizer
  • Revision: 2.20
  • License: BSD
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  • Modified: 3 years ago
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3 comments on “ApolloTone AT220
  • jake on said:

    This patch rules! I use it all the time to fill out arrangements. Thank you!!

  • estaminé do rui on said:

    Hey Wyrdal,

    wow, thank you very much for this patch. I’m getting the sounds off of my old Casio SK synths, cutting them and putting them here.

    One question, keep in mind I just started learning PD:

    How could I increase the lenght of the wav files? Every time I use a longer wav file it just plays noise.

    Thank you again!


  • WyrdAl on said:

    Hi Rui,
    Glad you’re using the patch!
    The patch expects to get a single cycle waveform, so a longer samples will probably just end up as a random noisy waveform.
    If you can’t edit the sample down to a single wave cycle, you’d need to modify the patch to play a longer sample.
    If you look at the ‘Basic Sampler’ patch you could try replacing the ‘tableosc’ object in the ‘voice’ patch with the ‘samplervoice’ from that patch.
    Good luck!

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