visible light distortions
fields of possibility

AUX to map octave and particulate control

bottom octave to enable time loop
top octave to activate triangle generator

knob 1 :: muon generator

knob 2 :: voltage overtones

knob 3 :: triangle and time loop controller

knob 4 :: shift amount

0.wav – 11.wav 44.1khz time loop for each bottom octave note
less than 1~ minute length

requires Organelle OS v3

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2 comments on “ANOMALY
  • lee on said:

    I love this, even if the description is super cryptic! Would be amazing if you could record samples directly on the organelle too. Thanks for posting it!

  • StrangerSun on said:

    Yes I sometimes wish the descriptions weren’t so cryptic, but I always have fun exploring Kyle’s patches. They are the Dark Souls of Organelle :)

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