Analog Wavetables demo 2

Analog waveforms created by @pampalini from the Audiobus forum, sorted & merged into wavetables by me.
Here’s a simple example patch that uses them.
Open in Drambo and start playback.

Uses the Wavetable IAP of Drambo (you can preview it without purchasing).

3 comments on “Analog Wavetables demo 2
  • quartzite on said:

    This is really cool! I wish I could get the wavetable waves out for use on other tracks.

  • jmp909 on said:

    for anybody struggling with this… firsst download the file from above, unzip and rename the folder as


    you can then import this into Drambo from the presets dialog. Once you’ve done this you’ll be able to save and re-open the demo above with the wavetables intact

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