ambnt crmbl (A Stereo Dual-Track Degrading Looper)

ambnt crmbl is a dual-track stereo looper with no overdubs that slowly degrades over time. Rather than emulating tape units, I chose to degrade the loops using sample rate reduction. This gives the loops some interesting harmonics that can sound almost vocal at times.

So how do you use it?

I recommend you loop some twinkly, higher bits, rather than chords for experimenting.

Your right footswitch opens up the first stereo loop track for recording (you’ll see a red pixel engage to verify you’re recording), then tapping it again closes the first loop track. Your red pixel will disappear, and you’ll see two purple pixels below where that was. That gives you visual feedback that you have something playing. Tapping the right footswitch again records in the second looper, with the same visual feedback on the right of the pedal.

Your center footswitch will randomly reverse one or two sides of a stereo loop. This gives you some variation in the stereo image. You’ll see a pixel or two engage or disengage, depending on which track/which side has been reversed.

Your left footswitch will slowly fade both loop tracks into a washed-out, fully wet reverb, to give you a slowly degrading pad. This is pretty fun to switch on and off for some variation.

Your [A] and [B] buttons give you control over reverb fade time (how long it takes after you press the left footswitch to switch from full dry to full wet) and reverb decay time.

Your [7] and [8] buttons give you control over loop fade time (after the loop is fully degraded, how long it takes to fade out to nothing).

Your [G] button gives you control over slew time. This control can be left alone unless you’re recording very short loops ( CV invert, which determines the fade out time after the loop is fully degraded. Row 4 is a trigger that restarts the sequencer once a new loop is recorded.

Page 5 is a 32-step sequencer that just distribute the steps evenly for a slow fade that degrades only at the end of each time the loop restarts.

Pages 6-8 are identical to pages 3-5 for the second stereo loop track.

I might end up trying to do a more tape-style lo-fi version one day, but if you use this framework to build it, let me know!

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2 comments on “ambnt crmbl (A Stereo Dual-Track Degrading Looper)
  • WZ on said:

    Sounds interesting, but if I understand correctly the loops don’t actually ‘degrade’ over time, but just the output sound is sent through an aliaser and reverb that slowly ramp up, right?
    The real challenge would be to somehow feed the sound back into the loopers, so the loops actually gets degraded permanently, and fresh overdubs would still be clean on top of that!

  • HopefulUtopian on said:

    I bet it’s possible with a single loop. I’ll give it a shot.

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