ambient guitar v1.1

Inspired by Chords of Orion and the frankly mesmerising ambient guitar work on his YouTube channel I have created a guitar effects chain based on his inferred guidance.

Compressor -> Distortion -> Delay -> Reverb with a looper before the delay.

– The first 6 white keys are for accessing the pages. Hold an effects page and press AUX button to bypass it (delay and reverb tails will still ring out).
– The first 3 black keys are for looper functions.
– An expression pedal controls volume input for swells.
– There’s a LPF to the input as my guitar is quite noisy, there’s a slider in the main.pd file to change the cutoff frequency if it doesn’t suit anyone’s taste.

I have a MIDI guitar pedal on the way so will add some extra mappings when it arrives. :)

Thanks to @thetechnobear and @jasl from the Organelle forums for helping sort some case sensitivity issues! :)

– Marco Baumgartner for looper (ported to Organelle by spoitras, see
– Critter & Guitari for distortion, delay and reverb effects (from their 13 FX patch)
– Varun Nair for compressor (
– Chords of Orion (

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  1. yrdad on said:

    I love that youtube channel. I have been building a pedal board to do what you just did with the organelle. I’m gonna plug mine in and have some fun! Thanks for your hard work :)

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