Alterneath V4

A crystalline (pre-)delay smeared into a cavernous reverby wash. Based on the EQD Afterneath (obviously!)

Unlike the Afterneath, it has a flexi-switch ‘Freeze’ mode on the left stomp, and some other tricks that make it do things the Afterneath can’t (check out the controls section!). The original DRAG control is (almost?) impossible to replicate, so I got a bit creative there. The original LENGTH and FEEDBACK controls are merged in the FBCK control.


[NOTE – FIRMWARE BUG – FIXED in FW 1.02 and up!]
On firmware v1.01 using the stomp switches can FREEZE the system! You can still use the patch, the sounds are still fine, just the stomps are broken.


Audio in goes 100% through to Dry output.
Audio in also goes to 3 longer delay lines (pre-delays) that feed into each other and into 2 shorter delay lines (quasi-reverb) that feed into a filter (tone control), which feeds into a ReverbLite module, into the final Audio Output.
It accepts L-input (feel free to change) out is Stereo out.
CPU load = around max. Built with Firmware V1.0
All 3 stomps have functions, so set to Performance Mode for the full experience!

This has all the main controls in RED and GREEN (see below) and some blue pixels that are a mix of knob indicators (so brightness indicates knob value levels) and audio-pixels (pretty bouncy lights!)

This has all the echo’s / pre-delays.
3 longer Delay Lines (delay times around 900ms, 400ms, and 300ms) with VCAs (so feedback can be controlled by adjusting VCA gain). The delay Times are controlled by one CV value, so you can ‘drag’ the time through a wormhole.
2 shorter Delay Lines with high fixed feedback for a quasi-reverb, feeding into each other and into the Filter module.

Here’s the Input, Dry output and Wet output. Wet output is CV controlled from 0 (nothing) to 1 (equal to dry output).
Also here’s the ReverbLite module. The Mix is CV controlled, to enable plonky echoing or smeared out atmospheres.

This has a lot of stuff to enable the ‘Flexi-Swithing’ on the Left Stompswitch (for momentary and/or latching action of the Feedback level).
See my Utility Patch on here for more info. The ADSR rise/fall times can be adjusted to taste.

This has some more config stuff for the Middle and Right stomp switches. These are just latching (mainly cause CPU is hitting upper limits) for DRAG and DIFFUSE controls (see below).
The ADSR rise/fall times could be adjusted to taste (but it’s tweaked pretty well I think).


All controls for live-playing are on PAGE0.
CV Values in RED are the ‘normal’ controls (from top to bottom):

FBCK (feedback control of pre-delays, goes up to infinite, slightly oscillates into noise so careful.. or not! LEFT stomp to Freeze!)
DRAG (pre-delay time control, increases size of the cavern, MIDDLE stomp to max!)
DIFFUSE (smears out echos, RIGHT stomp to max!)
DAMPEN (tone control for murkier or plinkier)
MIX (wet control)

CV Values in GREEN are ‘modifiers’ to their corresponding RED button, which influences how the STOMP functions behave:

LEFT stomp = Activates Freeze mode, setting FBCK to infinite. Short tap changes state ON/OFF, longer taps trigger momentary (de)activation. Corresponding GREEN value sets level of Audio being routed into the pre-delays while Freeze is active (keep low to play over the freeze without blowing it into oblivion).
MIDDLE stomp = Latches maximum DRAG setting. Corresponding GREEN value changes Slew time for DRAG increase, ranging from detuned pitch drifting, to folding space-time glitches.
RIGHT stomp = Latches alternative DIFFUSE setting. Corresponding GREEN value modifies the DIFFUSE level when stomp is active (so you sortof ‘switch’ between 2 settings).

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7 comments on “Alterneath V4
  • bengersfood on said:

    Just downloaded this. Have not yet hooked it up to anything, but using any of the stomp switches (when in Performance Mode) appears to freeze the pedal!

  • bengersfood on said:

    I have just tried it out – it sounds gorgeous. Hope you can debug the stomp switches

  • SisterLoFi on said:

    left stomp freezing pedal. upgraded FW

  • [WZ] on said:

    Thanks for the feedback guys, sorry to hear about the freezing :(
    I’ve added a WARNING note, and logged a ticket for this.

    i can upload version V3 as well, which had much simpler stomp switch mechanics, so that might help!

  • jasonjamesmoore on said:

    Just got my Zoia yesterday, and this patch is so good. I hope to be able to understand how you put it together at some point!

  • chops114 on said:

    this sounds wonderful

  • p1afff on said:

    Does it concern patches with simps made under 1.0 fw on 1.01 upgraded machines ? Not all patches seem to show this behaviour…

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