This is the general-purpose multi-effects pedal that I built for the Music Easel Sim, released here as a stand-alone project.

It combines convoluted reverb, shimmer/pitch-shift, dual delay and fuzz/distortion into a single compact-ish unit. As you download it, it’s configured as a shimmer reverb.

This version has some tweaks under the hood vs the copies embedded in my other projects. I’ve pre-patched it with a simple osc for you to play around with.

Notes and hints:

– The tone control is “off” in the fully counter-clockwise position. Raise it to sweep from low to high.
– The Dly Smear control engages a reverb embedded inside of the first delay’s feedback loop. Use this in combination with the Pitch Shift and Delay controls to add Big-Sky’ish shimmer. The Dly Smear knob also controls where the pitch shift is injected into the signal chain, so intermediate positions can be interesting the play around with. The DLY Flange control can thicken the sound and add additional harmonics.
– The main Reverb sits at the end of the signal chain. Use the Verb Color knob to change it from clean to convoluted.
– “RATify” engages an embedded copy of RS2000’s awesome RAT v.08 distortion peddle patch. I’ve tuned it to be relative tame so that it could be controlled with a single knob, but you can download that directly here to experience it’s full glory: The RAT distortion V0.8Patchstorage › Patches
– The second delay can be configured as either parallel or serial to the first delay using the Par / Ser knob. Set the Dry/Wet knob to full counter-clockwise to disengage it.
– If you get runaway feedback while playing with this, the most likely sources are the Feedback knobs inside the delays, but the Flanger and Verb Color can also contribute at their max settings.
– The Master Output Level knob is normaled in the 3:00 position. Turn it past there to reach 11.

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