All Synth Modes

All Synth Modes – reconfigure the 201 to have 12 synth modes, and zero pattern modes.

Replace the mother.pd file in your 201 with one of these – recommended to move the original mother into a different folder in your 201 so it’s easy to go back to.

Use the same synth mode folder naming convention to add 7-xxx, 8-xxx, 9-xxx, 10-xxx, 11-xxx, 12-xxx. No need to rename or renumber pattern modes.

The bottom row of 12 keys are now all synth mode selectors.

LEDs for the extra synth modes are just copies and do not light or color differently.

NOTE: there is also a tempo tweak in these mothers, which makes the tempo knob range go from 0 to 360 or something like that. Much slower at the low end, to the point that with the knob turned fully counter-clockwise, you may hear no sound in a sequence or pattern. The higher max speeds can also cause some weird behavior depending on what you’re doing. The full range of the original tempo setting is still there, just with more range from slowest to fastest.

many thanks to twang69 for technical and spiritual guidance!

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