Agogo Shuffle – Version 1.2

Randomly skip through your presets!

I like surprises. And I love synths with a shuffle mode for presets. Too bad that there are just a few instruments that can do that!?!

This script is an attempt to make this feature available for synths that support MIDI progamm change. This is how it works…

*** Changes in version 1.2 ***

– You can now set the lower values for MSB, LSB an PC ranges thanks to -ki Pad & Shift Manager include. Hold “Shift” to change the knob views.

– Changed action for clearing all favorite pads to double-tap “Shift”.

– Straightened code and fixed some minor bugs.

/// EXPLORE ///

Select ranges for the MSB, LSB and programm change (PC) commands via the first three knobs in the settings:

[ MSB ➜ 0 ]

[ LSB ➜ 0 ]

[ PC ➜ 32 ]

Every range will start at “0”, that is a fixed value. You can set the upper values via these knobs. The default for PC is set to “32”. Of course you can change that, too.

When you tab the “Shuffle” pad, you will get a random sound within the selected ranges. The script creates a midi command that will be displayed on the pad right beside the “Shuffle” pad (eg. “4-2-18” which relates to MSB-LSB-PC).

Depending on how the sound banks of your synth are organized, it is possible that the shuffle creates a command that has no coresponding sound. Quite often the number of available sounds vary from bank to bank.

But don’t worry. If that happens, normally the current sound just won’t change. Just press the “Shuffle” pad again.

With the pads “Up” and “Down” you can skip through the sounds of the current bank within the selected PC range.


The script let’s you store favorites, in case you want to revisit a sound you like.

There are 12 favorite pads available. The handling is easy:

– Press-hold a favorite pad to store a sound (which is actually a MIDI PC command).

– Tab a favorite pad to recall a sound.

– Double-tab a favorite pad to clear the sound.

– Press “SHIFT” to clear all favorite pads.

The knob values and favorites will be saved with Mozaic’s state.

That’s it! Now off to exploring sounds…

*** CREDITS ***

The script uses the “4Devs: Pad Manager (Include)” by -ki
that saved me a lot of headache with pad handling.


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3 comments on “Agogo Shuffle – Version 1.2
  • Raz-mataz on said:

    Nice one Nuno!
    will it work now with Drumjam?

  • Raz-mataz on said:

    just missing a way to shuffle through user presets

  • Raz-mataz on said:

    Can you please add support for drum jam program change?

    It’s kind of complicated.

    It’s got 4 categories for changing programs:

    Bank select MSB (CC0) = 00 – program change messages load pad
    instruments (indexed from the alphabetically ordered list)
    Bank select MSB (CC0) = 01
    with LSB (CC32) picks the FACTORY preset group, with
    program change events selecting the preset within that group.
    Bank select MSB (CC0) = 02
    with LSB (CC32) picks the USER preset group, with
    program change events selecting the preset within that group.

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