ADSR envelope

***Added detailed how to in the comments***

A simple linear ADSR envelope generator under the form of a modulation module.
The envelope gets triggered on every midi noteIn onset. The input channel can be set by a parameter.

It is platform agnostic, simply drop the unzipped ‘envelope’ folder into your Orac ‘usermodules’ folder.

Future: Add Depth parameter

2 comments on “ADSR envelope
  • Lijcke on said:

    I can’t make it work.
    1. Should I put it on a modulation slot or in the beginning of the chain ?
    2. Is it supposed to work on sampler modules ?


  • Lcchy on said:

    Hi there, sorry for the late reply,

    1. It should be put in a modulation slot
    2. It can/should work on any parameter you want to modulate, the steps are:
    – place this module in a modulation slot (e.g. m1)
    – in the main menu, toggle the modulation learn on
    – select the module and page in which the parameter you want to modulate is
    – change the parameter value a bit via your normal Orac controls
    Now the modulation should be mapped and you should see the parameter value move as you send midi notes through on channel 1, you just have to deactivate the modulation learn in the main menu.
    Be careful in doing this as the modulation learn will “unlearn” the mapping when the modulation signal is at 0, which means you need to go to the main menu, send a midi note on, and untoggle the modulation learn shortly after so that the modulation signal (the adsr envelope) is not at 0.

    Let me know if there’s any issue

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