0.2: Added velocity sensitivity when using a midi keyboard. Added proper ADSR envelope. Added a slightly modified version of samesimilar’s Enrichment filter/distortion circuit. Added more tunings. Fixed some bad connections that were causing error messages.

A modification of jbohn’s Additive Odd Even with the ability to switch between different 12-tone just intonation scales. Try different tunings and see how they interact with different harmonics. Record a sequence and flip through scales until you hear something you like.

Page 1: Synth
Knob 1: Mix of odd/even harmonics
Knob 2: Amount of harmonics mixed into sine wave
Knob 3: Attack
Knob 4 Release

Page 2: Tunings
Knob 1: Scale selection
Knob 2: X
Knob 3: Fundamental frequency
Knob 4: Transpose keyboard notes

This uses the C&G style page navigation, so hold down the aux key and press keys 73 or 75 to switch pages. Note that for the fundamental, you can move knob 3 to its minimum position to quickly tune to an equal temperament middle C; above this position you can choose your own frequency, up to 440Hz. You can also add your own scales to the ratios_ji.txt file – just follow the formatting in the file and rescale the selector knob as needed.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to jbohn for the initial patch. The retuning object is a modification of an excellent abstraction for using meantone temperaments found here: Many of the scales were taken from this collection (this is also a great resource for additional scales to add):

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