Additive Synthese Fundamental Part 1 V0.2

4 oscillator Additive Bell Patch. This patch is made out of only fundamental blocks (Besides the reverb, but it sounds so much better with that i made an exception :) and is ment to show the basics of additive synthesis by making bell type (and other) sounds with 4 sine oscillators.

To make the bell sound i did 2 things:

– Used one OSC for the fundamental frequency. The other 3 OSC are harmonics
– I’ve made sure that decay of the sound is shorter when the pitch rises. Big bells resonate longer, small ones resonate shorter.

Play around with the patch (See notes) and you will see that you can already make a lot of different sounds by changing the frequency of the harmonics, overall decay time and individual decay time.

In part 2 I will add more to the patch. The base will stay the same.

Hope you enjoy playing with this patch!

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