Adding filter to blips

[UPDATE 19/06/2017 => final version, new features!]
This is a port for the Organelle of Martin Brinkmann’s generative patch “Adding_blips”.
What’s new is Organelle controls, VCF (auto or manual), bpm control, latency control.

Demo video:

Original patch here:

Since the original patch was entirely automatic, I added a little bit of control with the whole VCF part that I made from scratch.
The VCF is controlled either by the Organelle knobs, or automatically by the original patch’s [random] objects.

To sum up, I hooked up the VCF controls for cutoff and Q to the preexistent randomization functions of the patch, but you can switch off this automated filtering.


– Aux: start/reset generation

– Knob 1: control tempo (bpm, quarter note) be careful, when turned to 0, things get pretty crazy.

– Knob 2: set latency between three options (4ms, which is the Organelle’s default latency; 10ms, which is the best latency for an Organelle use; 50ms, which is the best latency for my own laptop)

– Knob 3: control the Q of the VCF (when in manual mode, left and right channels are linked)

– Knob 4: control the cutoff (when in manual mode, left and right channels are linked)

– Key #60 switches between automatic random, or manual Q and cutoff for the VCF.

This is just a patch I modified as an exercise, to try out PD.

All critics welcome! Cheers!

Credits: Martin Brinkmann for the original patch

2 comments on “Adding filter to blips
  • Bort Bort on said:

    It’s bloody ace! Well done!

  • Saki Ciselas on said:

    @Bort Bort (wannop?) – Thank you very much!
    The cool parts come from M. Brinkmann, I just made it usable on the Organelle and added a VCF.
    Glad you like it!

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