Active Notes Tracker v1.0

Display all active notes of all channels on 16 pads either sorted by note number or in the play-order. Demo script for the Active Notes Tracker (Include) snippet

In MIDI scripting, tracking the active notes is a required base functionality for
implementing ARPs, chord detection, chord accompaniment and other advanced topics.

The ‘Active Notes Tracker’ snippet manages easy to use arrays of active notes, velocity
and duration for all channels. Internally it maintains 16 double linked lists, therefore
inserting and deleting entries does not impose an overhead. Retrieval of all active notes
of each channel is also quite fast.

Demo Description
Pressing a channel pads freezes the note display for this channel and set
the pad color to red. Only the display update is stopped, the note tracking
of this channel continues. Press a frozen pad again to display the current

* The UPD knob allows to tweak the display update rate from 1 to 15 updates per second.
* The SORT knob toggles sorting between in-play-order (NO) or lowest note first (YES)
(double tap is supported). Since sorting happens on note insertion, each channel
has to be ’empty’ at least once for an acurate note order display.
* The HELP knob toggles to this description view (double tap is supported)


More Info
The blue ‘source code’ button to the right links to a in depth description containing the source code and instructions on how to add the snippet to own scripts

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