ACME Sequencer

V.1.1: Bugfix…

This a 16 step sequencer and synthesizer.


After opening the patch, you can directly dial in your pattern using the keys or the AUX buttons for rests. After dialing 16 steps, your sequence will automatically start (if in internal clock mode, otherwise an external midi-start signal will trigger the sequence). The keys now let you transpose your pattern up and down. The middle C of your organelle will be the original pattern, lower keys will transpose down, higher keys up by their respective intervals. To dial in a new pattern press AUX.

Until 12 o’clock Knob 2 controls the internal clock, after 12 o’clock knob will switch the patch into external clock mode and will let you chose between three clock divisions.
Knob 1 controls transpose, knob 3 decay & knob 4 filter cutoff…

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  • Schack on said:

    Thanks for a very nice sequencer. Any chance it can be used with orac? It would make a perfect fit. :-)

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