Acidline 😈 Devilish

Acidline Devilish is a synth with an acidic-303 flavor, now with modifications based off info/upgrades detailed by Devilfish creator Robin Whittle.

Built off branis’ excellent Acidline patch (much thanks!), this version adds features such as:
– Redesigned filter envelopes that more closely imitates the 303 sound. Multiple accents will cause Devilish to “yell” like a 303.
– Vintage knob to add random fluctuations to the sound. Usually best in small doses.
– External input to use your own oscillators. Sounds great with a wavetable, for example.
– Pre-filter overdrive. Enables a limiter that decrease volume fluctuations.
– Filter FM. Sometimes sounds broken, sometimes sounds spot-on.
– VCA Decay.
– Compact size for better use on iPhones.

Note that accents are triggered by a velocity of LESS than 80. This is so the default notes placed are not accented.

See branis’ patch for details on the base patch . This patch is ready-to-go, but I plan to come back and add new features and maybe recalibrate a bit.

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  • branis on said:

    Awesome patch!

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