Dual oscillator engine with Saw-Square waveform crossfade, 303-style sequencer and intelligent randomization.

Two 16-step sequencers:
– Separate trig and pitch patterns
– Independent length of trig and pitch patterns
– Note tie mode on trig sequencer
– Accent mode on pitch sequencer

Randomization engine
– Generate new pitch sequence at a press of a button
– Quantize to specific key and scale
– Non-destructively apply pitch randomization over existing tonal pattern
– Change randomization amount in real time ranging from one note to multiple octaves

Effects section
– Delay pre-customized to create interesting rhythmic patterns
– Simple reverb

– Internal clock
– Auto detect and switch to incoming midi clock
– MIDI synced start/manual stop

Easy to use control panel with all key parameters:
– Oscillator attack/decay/envelope amount
– Pitch attack/decay/envelope amount
– Filter attack/decay/envelope amount
– Cutoff and resonance base levels
– Accent amount and decay
– Saw/Square waveform crossfade
– Note glide amount
– Quick pattern transpose +-2 octaves
– User defined key and scale quantization
– Randomization amount
– Reverb/delay amount (goes to 50% wet)
– Two LFOs assignable to any of the parameters
– Set internal tempo
– MIDI tempo detection and indication
– Sequencer running indication

Change log:

1.2 Update
– Patch optimizations (random, clock, saved ~25% CPU)
– Midi insert auto detect and indication
– Midi start sync (No stop sync, manual stop using left stomp switch. Midi start/stop doesn’t work properly on 1.09 yet, so this is the best possible solution at the moment)
– Delay synced to 2:6 clock for nicer rhythmic patterns
– Reverb and delay don’t go over 50% dry/wet now
– Pitch offset tweakable exactly +-2 octaves
– Pattern restart stomp switch for real time pattern shifts
– Accent now slightly affects pitch

1.0 Initial release
Available here: (old version)

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  • Revision: 1.2
  • License: Do What The F*ck You Want To Public License
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  • tomikoo on said:

    Yeah, I’m gonna use this one soon. Really liking the sonic quality of this one, inspiring.

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