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This conceptually simple patch is composed entirely from the first 8 partials of the harmonic series, rooted in D. The name stems from a comment made during a live virtual open mic performance where I improvise with flutes and voice alongside the patch. You can watch that performance at https://youtu.be/PRGlzLNUV3E?t=3553

The idea for this patch sprang from this VCV Rack Community post: https://community.vcvrack.com/t/sequentially-crossfade-through-poly-channels/18472

There are four voices in my patch The first three simply fade in/out from one partial to the next, never playing more than two partials at a time. Each droning voice moves back and forth through the three octave series at different rates:

– Triangle wave, rooted in D2, at the fastest master tempo.
– Square wave at 1/4 speed, with pulse width modulation, also rooted in D2
– Complex voice at 1/12 speed, with three components
… – Triangle wave rooted in D2
… – Saw wave rooted in D1
… – Saw wave D1 drone

The fourth bell voice (sine) rings out at random times, randomly selecting pitches from the 8 note series rooted in D4.

The Stoermelder Rotor module is critical to this patch. As of this posting, the Stoermelder PackOne plugin is still not available in the library, but it can be downloaded from the assets section at the bottom of https://github.com/stoermelder/vcvrack-packone/releases/tag/Nightly. Simply place the appropriate version of the zip file in your VCV Rack plugin folder, and restart VCV Rack.

On my machine I must disable the MVerb context menu option “Use Thread”, else I get consistent audio pops. My dbRackModules plugin is up-to-date at version 2.1.3. I believe an upcoming docB release will fix the audio problem so that the CPU intensive process can run in its own thread without pops.

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