a journey (happy end)

A VCV Rack patch that uses 6 notes per time unit (2 at clock speed, 2 at 2x clock speed and 2 at 4x clock speed) being generated by 6 Geodesics modules Entropia. The task was to figure, what to do with those to create an entire song.

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2 comments on “a journey (happy end)
  • Celtichare on said:

    Love the song. Downloaded the patch but when I connect to my Audio (Focusrite Scarlet Solo) All I get is static crackling? Any thoughts?

  • nebdaar on said:

    You could try to delete the VCV module Audio-8 and place it again. My experience with foreign patches is, that the Audio-8 tends to “dislike” a change of the originally asigned audio device. Other than that I’d suggest to ask the experts on the forum. Glad you liked the patch :)

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