(\___/) bunnies (\___/)

hello it’s been literal years since i have uploaded a patch but i hope this makes the wait worth it because i think this patch is cute as hell.

(\___/) bunnies (\___/) is a delayed-pitch-shifting delay. I have attached a layout diagram as well as a signal flow diagram below for convenience. Inspired by what i learned in my disappointment in the Meris Hedra, i sought to create a pitch shifted delay that danced and twinkled similar to the Hologram Effect “Warp” setting. Using independent VCAs and LPFs on the pitch sends you are able to taper off the higher end of the pitches and project lush pitch melodies.

okay let’s talk about time division, folx. You got this sweet tap tempo on the left foot switch (exhales) that sucker is tied to the main stereo delay AS WELL AS two independent clock dividers, which effect the delay LINE (all wet) that the pitch shifted signals are processed through before hitting the stereo line. Keep the ratio very small to get bouncing counter melodies, or crank one or both to a large ratio (4/1 is good) to get some serious warble. one tap in keeps everything in proportionate sync.

LFO controlling the VCA you say? shift the LFO waveshape to something other than Sine to expand the sound capabilities (found on page 3). Using a square wave will result in choppier pitches. combine with a fast clock division (4/1) to get a glitched out warble.

Lastly, the pitches are set to 12 semitones, and 24 semitones (1 and 2 octaves up). feel free to change these to other semitone values. (that is why i put them on the first page after all).

If you enjoy the (\___/) bunnies (\___/) patch consider taking a moment to listen to my band Drive Like I Do wherever you stream music. This patch and others that I have built can be heard on the guitar tracks of our songs!

Thank you for your time & attention!

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  • fauvette on said:

    Thanks for your patch and this very very good diagram :)

  • djamtomorrow on said:

    Great patch and very accessible thanks to the diagrams :) works beautifully with the mbira so it’s going in my next live-stream!

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