8rac is an attempt at bringing the ORHACK experience to regular Orac with a regular parallel router with 3 chains, two sends, and three post effects.

It also adds in some additional modules with multicore versions like Converb, the regular orac synths, and all the Mutable Instruments derived modules.

I have also modified Transcycle to be the default clock with global pattern switching for Overflow and Overdrum.

Let me know if there are any bugs as I tried to extensively test this but there are bound to still be there.

Huge shoutout to @thetechnobear and @audivit who this project rests on.

7 comments on “8rac
  • mchest on said:

    i’m getting install failed message/files corrupt tho

    the 8rac folder appears in patch list & loads, can see modules loaded onto each slot but they’re not sounding

    (OS Version: 4.1, Org S)

  • t8r on said:

    I’ll take a look. There may be an issue in the deploy script

  • joeljacques on said:

    Same issue for me on Organelle M, OS v 4.2. Can’t wait to try it out though!

  • joeljacques on said:

    I removed all orac directories and tried again. Still the same error message (after checking manifest), but now it seems to work just fine regardless!

  • t8r on said:

    Yeah I think the error is just because of directories for usermodules not being made correctly in the deploy script but I don’t think it matters but I will look into it more

  • josua_karlson on said:

    I am having the same issue with my Organelle S. Installation failed/files corrupt…

  • dr_kd on said:

    I think it needs it’s own set of user directories – I loaded it up, got the install error, and then it loaded my default orac patch. Which doesn’t work as I have at least one patch in my default orac rig (overloop) that doesn’t work with 0rhack

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