857 For Zoia

Basically it’s 4 loopers that are set to -7, +7, -12, +12 semitones. that’s one more phrase than the 856 can loop! anddddd i’ve placed a push button that triggers the loops to go into reverse.

all that goes into a mixer for stereo panning and a stereo hall reverb

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4 comments on “857 For Zoia
  • brockdavisson on said:

    I got to try this today and love it. I’ll be able to find many uses for this one, thank you.

  • [WZ] on said:

    Sounds cool!
    Does it have the options the Zellersasn has too then? The pitch changes are easy to change, but what about the options to change start/end time and cut up the loops themselves?

  • caljoephua on said:

    hey yes WZ!

    i’ve included the loop start and end times in the looper modules!

    you can choose and shorten/lengthen the grains to your liking ;)

    And thanks brockdavisson, i hope you enjoy the patch as much as i enjoyed making it :D

  • HopefulUtopian on said:

    Super potent. Thanks for this one.

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