***Update Mar 31 2021. Fixes minor bugs.

Orac module version of the 4waveFM patch for Organelle.

Waveform mixing FM synthesizer with oscilloscope and sequencer.

Create new timbres by mixing up to four waveforms together. As you turn Knobs1-4 from left to right, the amplitude of a waveform increases. When the amplitude reaches 100%, 200%, and 300%, the waveform frequency will double, triple, and quadruple respectively and the amplitude is reset to 0%. Rearrange the FM algorithm to further tweak the timbre.

By adding different waveforms, amplitudes, and waveform frequencies together, 4waveFM synthesizes fuzzy, bell-like, and rumbly sounds and more!

4-Voice polyphony.

Main Page:
Knob1: Sets amplitude and frequency of Wave 1
Knob2: Sets amplitude and frequency of Wave 2
Knob3: Sets amplitude and frequency of Wave 3
Knob4: Sets amplitude and frequency of Wave 4

TransAlgos Page:
Knob1: Sets note transposition
Knob2: Sets FM algorithm.


Image Attribution:
Edmont, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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  • lottaducks on said:

    Looks super cool, itching to mess with this… how in the world do I install?

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