This patch needs Organelle OS 2!
4-Track tape emulation, inspired by the OP-1.

The patch expects 4 wav files in it’s folder: track1.wav .. track4.wav
The supported sample rate is 44100Hz.

Aux Button: Select Track

The keyboard offers controls for the selected track
Octave 1:
C: release loop of selected track
C#: Loop Start selected track
D: Loop End selected track

Octave 2:
C: track reverse
C#: track fast backward
D: track stop
D#: track fast forward
E: track play
F: track play double speed

Screen Line 5 shows Play State of all tracks, and active track for Keyboard Controls. Go to HOME menu by selecting this line and pressing the encoder!

Two menu pages enable setting the track levels and track pitches.

– added “HOME” menu
– limited main screen selection to first four screenlines, sparing info line
– renamed the patch’s folder in the zip file to match patchstorage name.
known bugs:
– when starting the patch, the info line shows “O O O O 1”, indicating the active track is track 1, but actually track 2 is the active track.

-first public version

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4 comments on “4track
  • jooga1972 on said:

    Great patch, I cloned with some of my loops right away, but I also may have found a bug… or I’m doing something completely wrong: there’s no ‘home’ option in the patch menu so you can’t select any other patch after going for 4 Track and the only option to fix this is remove the psu cable from the Organelle. At least it’s what I could do. When you have a little time, could you please look into this? Thanks!

  • haesslich on said:

    Dear, sorry for the inconvenience! I should have written that explicitly:
    The ‘home’ option is there and works, just scroll to screenline 5 and press the encoder. It just does not read “HOME” as in other patches, and the line highlighting does not work on that line (for a reason I don’t understand yet).

    I guess that’s too obfuscated, I’ll put out an update on this soon.

  • JM Charcot on said:

    Is there a length limit to the 4 files?
    Just wondering if it’s meant to deal with loops or can also work with longer files.

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