i dont know why i love oxidlab side panel so much.
someone here wants to tell me what is being said there?

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    worship me!!! :)
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4 comments on “4mod11
  • Kleinemaschinen on said:

    The Oxidlab side panel if you use both, you get a beautiful almost Arabic sounding soundtrack style backdrop!
    It’s in French and German I think, we shall have to ask our European cousins!

  • Boaz Shoham on said:

    i just have the free version. if you can – please share
    i’ll find someone who(m?) can translate

  • Kleinemaschinen on said:

    Hello again, it is just samples of European Radio stations, English. German, Russian{?} and possibly Polish! Just single words or phrases. A wonderful mix of all the nations of Europe.
    I’ll post the sound file on Soundcloud if you want. Also are you on VCV Rack community? Everyone on there is very helpful!

  • Boaz Shoham on said:

    thank you very much,
    i’ll search for you in the vcv forum
    i would like to hear it if possible, i dont know why the sounds from the left panel are so compelling to me :)

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