4tRhythm – Drum

4-track drum sequencer with a special method of sequencing modifiable rhythms

4T-Drum uses a very special method of sequencing drum. Instead of notes, the rhythmic patterns are sequenced in the sequencer. Once you get used to sequencing in this way, you will find that it is very fast, and the sequenced rhythmic patterns can be modulated to produce rich variations very easily. It’s hard to explain this sequencing method in word, you can watch the video I uploaded.

update 2.2
Added drum note preview, now adjusting track notes will trigger drum sounds

As I added more and more features to ARP mode, I realized that most of the added features would not make sense for drum mode, so I decided to split ARP mode and drum mode into two presets and add the necessary features to them separately.

UX improvements:Controllers are grouped together in one area, added a mini rhythm index next to SEQ.


4tRhythm is inspired by a drummer’s rhythm exercise that requires the drummer to play all 16 rhythm patterns in a beat.

Putting the 16 rhythm patterns in order reveals that they are basically linear variations. So the rhythm patterns can be modulated .When the modulation is small, the notes are just shifted between steps. When the modulation is large, the notes will vary in density.

Sequencing drums in this way is somewhere between the step sequencer and the Euclidean sequencer. Compared to the step sequencer, it can produce dynamic rhythms and is very fast to sequence. Compared to the Euclidean sequencer, it is closer to real playing.

*There are differences between the interface of the current version and the one in the video, but watching the video still gives a quick overview of how to use this patch.

4 comments on “4tRhythm – Drum
  • rs2000 on said:

    That’s a very cool idea for drum sequencing! 👍🏼

  • carlcaulkett on said:

    I’ve downloaded and installed the preset but no matter what I do, I cannot get any sound out of it. The video doesn’t exactly explain things clearly! What am I missing?

  • zhou-jing on said:

    @ carlcaulkett This is a midi rack, it does not produce sound itself, it just outputs the midi signal, you need to place an instrument behind it, Ting is used in the video.

  • frank303 on said:

    Wow impressive! Opened it up and It’s gonna take a while for me to study the insides of this rack, there’s a lot I can learn. Very fun to play, amazingly creative. Thanks for sharing

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