A drum sequencer that uses a special super fast sequencing method to get dynamic rhythms.

Add a Linear mode. In this mode notes are triggered in priority from track 1 to 4. No multiple notes will be triggered at the same time.

Completely rebuilt it, using only 1/4 of the modules of the previous version to achieve essentially the same functionality, with much improved efficiency

I don’t know if any other drum sequencer can do something similar, so just download it, play with it for a while and maybe it will surprise you.

Instead of individual notes, the sequencing in the sequencer is a per-beat rhythmic pattern. There will be a total of 16 rhythmic patterns per beat of four steps, and a total of 8 rhythmic patterns per beat of three steps. So using this approach, all possible rhythmic patterns for 4 or 3 steps can be generated.

The list of available rhythms is attached at the end, but there is no need to master it at all, just press play and put your finger on the screen to quickly see what the sequencer can do. The sequencer is not designed to sequence exact rhythms, but to produce modulable rhythmic patterns in the shortest possible time.

Rhythm Patterns List
4 steps per beat
0 -. -. -. -.
1 o. -. -. -.
2 -.o.-. -.
3 -. -.o.-
4 -. -. -.o
5 o.-.o.-
6 -.o.-.o
7 -. -.o.o
8 o.-.. -.o
9 o.o.-. -.
10 -.o.o.-
11 -.o.o.o
12 o.-.o.o
13 o.o.-.o
14 o.o.o.-
15 o.o.o.o
3 steps per beat
0-1 -. -. -.
2-3 o.-. -.
4-5 -.o.-
6-7 -. -.o
8-9 o.-.o
10-11 o.o.-
12-13 -.o.o
14-16 o.o.o

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