4 Patterns & Chill

Something that sounds kind of neat by switching between random note or function generators and putting them through the same quantization. The result is this kind of wandering melody with trills and slides that keeps to a tune as the result of the quantization scale.

For the fun random pattern stuff to start, go to the second row from the top and press the bottom trigger button (4MAN) between Clocked and MixMaster. (I could have put in a timer, don’t ask why – but it’s a little interactive there.)

Compositionally I generally play with bringing in or out the four main parts via Mixmaster and make some adjustments to the randomizers or quantization on the third row from the top. I recall some repetitive background parts being sequenced, and those were also harmonized to the quantization of the random part that acts as the wandering melody. Outside of that, it does it’s thing. Enjoy!

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