16 step

Not your typical 16 step sequencer!

**Update** Presets now possible with “Black” Keys F#-F#. Press last G# key to access save window. Hold key slot for 3 seconds…Saved! Load presets from the main window (Last A#) I had some major bugs with the presets, so if you are still finding some I’d like to know.

Note: When you first start the patch all steps are open. This means you can set every step to the same sample, speed, division and filter settings. Great way to start a fresh session. Then press the last Black key to adjust the master controls and Aux to start. Alternatively you can press the last black key on startup and load a preset (once you have some).

White keys select steps 1-14 with the first two black keys selecting steps 15 and 16. the Last black key returns the window to the main page. Choose the step in the sequence you want to manipulate and select the sample, playback speed, trap-like division and filter.

In the main window you have tempo control, number of steps (more about that later) a synced delay/verb and a global sample length.

Where this sequencer gets interesting is that it stacks sequences. This means that if your number of steps is 8 you actually will have two different sequences of 8 on top of each other, the front 8 and the back 8 (ie 1-8 and 9-16). Set your number of steps to 12 and now you have a loop of four and 12 creating poly rhythms on each other. Experiment and have fun!

Not my first patch, but first posted. There are probably lots of things that could be improved, still some zipping due to the nature of the sample selector…

I’m open to comments and critiques!

There are a few objects I borrowed from other patches. The override from the Grids patch is a very useful one for anybody doing multi page things with the organelle.

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  • mans o on said:

    Hi!! This preset is amazing, I craved for something like this without even knowing it! Thank you for the amazing work.
    I just don’t find how to load the presets, in the description you say that it is in the main window, but I just see Tempo/Steps/length/reverb + start/stop.
    Is there a command or something I’m missing?

    Again, thank you very much!!!

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