14 Bit Midi Faders

14 Bit Midi Fader Example

This is an example of 14 Bit Midi attached to a fader using the root onReceiveMidi() event. All the incoming midi is processed and filtered there. The objects use a notify event to the root to communicate back to the midi processor.

How to use in your own template

1. Copy the root script to your template.
2. Copy a fader object
3. Modify the init() on the root script. There is a function to define a Control, Midi Channel, MSB & LSB. Remove All but one of the definitions and set it up with the copied fader object.

Use this guide, If you need help with finding your object in Lua https://hexler.net/touchosc/manual/script-objects-control

Please leave a note in the comments if this helped you!

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