1 bar looper

A 1-bar loop sampler specifically designed for generative music. And sequencing of loops by CV sequencer.

1.1 Temporary loops can now record tails, which will overdub at the head of the loop
1.01 Fix the bug that temporary loopers do not work when BPM is less than 80

1. Make sure the “Temp” button is not activated.
2. Set the playback to “Loop1- 4” and set the Loop pattern to “Temp” to listen to the incoming audio.
3. When a nice bar appears, quickly press the “Temp” button to capture the current bar into a temporary feedback loop.
4. Try sequencing the temporary loops in the CV sequencer. You can release/capture temporary loops at any time.
5. When you are satisfied with the temporary loops, you can record them into the corresponding loop sampler. Each loop group corresponds to a temporary loop, and each group contains three sample patterns

1. This patch can only work during playback runs.
2. When the “Temp” button is not activated, the sampler can record the input audio directly. However, it is still recommended to capture a temp loop first and then record it into the sampler. Temporary loops have three main advantages: easy and fast, last bar retrospective recording, and elimination of loop clicks.
3. Temporary loops are not saved in the project, and stop and restart playback can cause time mismatches, so record them into the sampler as soon as you are satisfied with the results.

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