This patch runs a 16 step sequencer to play notes on the 0-Coast by Make Noise, and in turn processes the audio through a series of delays and effects on the Zoia before routing them into a mixer and compressor to output. The 0-Coast is doing most of the work on the audio side in this patch so I kept the Zoia processing to a minimum.

Page 0: 16 step sequencer that plays notes over MIDI channel 1 to send to the 0-Coast. Not too exciting.

Page 1: audio input and effects processing. Audio from the 0-Coast is routed through a pingpong delay, a chorus and a phaser in parallel, and the output from each effect is sent to the mixer on page 2.

Page 2: audio output stage. I used a mixer to mix the output from the three effects together into one final mix. I figured this would be better than wiring them all to the output. The output of the mixer goes into a compressor to glue the sound together, and then to the audio output.

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