The Zorgan is a four-voice polyphonic organ sound, controlled via midi.

I’ve been looking to make more polyphonic synths, and after playing around I ended up with this patch that sounded like an organ. It used eight oscillators, a noise module, and some delay lines to make the “click” sound at the beginning of each note.

Here’s how the control page is laid out:

Top left magenta module: Attack amplitude control

Middle left magenta module: Release amplitude control

Middle mango module: Filter cutoff control

Left Stompswitch: Turns the tremolo on. The tremolo is the aqua module on the bottom right, so you can change parameters easily

Right Stompswitch: Momentary, turns on a glitch effect. This is achieved by modifying the stereo spread delay time and a few delay lines with a random module. Pretty dirty sounding!

Upper right pushbutton: Same thing as the right stompswitch — momentarily turns on the glitch effect.

Adding the tremolo really pushed the CPU, so I recommend deleting that if the patch isn’t quite working for you.

Have fun!

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