Yet another “Single VCO generative patch”.
Amazing single VCO! Gonna overheat it…

Sound Spirals

As usual, overlaying some time-delayed instances (i.e.: 30 secs or more per layer) enrichens the overall experience – try to match (or cleverly mismatch) the rhythms, if any.

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4 comments on “Wavescape
  • Marc_Brafman on said:

    12 modules = 12 000 soundwaves !

  • klaussualk on said:

    Almost limitless… ;)

    Please give a shot to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhFrcLf9Lv0

    It can be reduced even more, by removing the rhythmic section (4 modules – 2 in real life: Branches and Delptronics LDB-2e).
    The VCO has been replaced by a self-oscilalting VCF, which produces a sine wave.

  • Alexander on said:

    I’ve just registered to this site and would love to jump into this project but what do i need to open it, I already have VCV. How did you guys go about it?

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