A generative patch for Open Source VCV Rack with sequencers playing accompaniment, a Turing Machine improvising solos, and LFOs at the mixing console.

You can edit this patch by downloading VCV Rack, adding plugins, downloading the drum sample pack, changing the settings of the Audio-8 Module for your sound card, and opening the following files from the OpenPathMusic sample kit in the Complex Simpler module:

File 0 drum-bass-hi-2
File 1 drum-snare-brush_tap
File 2 drum-snare-sidestick
File 3 cymbal-hihat-foot-1

Creative Commons 4.0

Modules Needed:

AS: QuadVCA/mixer, VCA, Mixer8ch, BPM Clock, Mult2x5, Merge 2×5, TriggersMKI

Audible Instruments: Bernoulli Gate

Bogaudio: VCO, Reftone, Offset, Stack

Frozen Wasteland: BPM LFO

ML Modules: Quantum

NYSTHI: ComplexDAHD, Squonk sequencer, MVerb, Quadsimpler, Master Recorder

Stellare: Modular Turing Machine

VCV: VCF, Audio-8

* D.J. Ellis & Perchance and the Anth-Ums does not agree with some names of modules, nor the content of some tutorials, but is thankful for VCV, its makers, and community of supporters. Thank You!

VCV Rack download:

VCV plugin library:

VCV Patchstorage:

Drum Sample Kit:

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  • Revision: 1.0
  • License: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
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